B Pharmacy Quick Facts

  • The B Pharmacy Eligibility criteria is, one should clear class 12 board exams with 50% aggregate marks along with mandatory subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics
  • B Pharmacy fees range from INR 15,000 – 1,25,000 per year. Colleges like Jamia Hamdard University offers B Pharmacy course fee for INR 2,79,999
  • Institute of Chemical Technology, Bombay College of Pharmacy and Jamia Hamdard University are the top B Pharmacy Colleges in India
  • B Pharmacy Abroad Colleges such as University of Oxford, Harvard University, University of Toronto gives students an opportunity to make a flourishing career in pharmaceutical industry abroad
  • Post completing B Pharmacy courses, one can opt to study further such as, M Pharmacy, PharmD etc,
  • PharmD courses help students make a career into research and teaching as well
  • Students completing B Pharmacy courses make an average salary of INR 3 – 5 LPA.

All About B Pharmacy

Bachelor of Pharmacy, as the name suggests, has a course structure which is particularly specialised for pharmaceutical studies. Few of the most vital subjects included in B Pharm course study are Biochemistry, Human Anatomy and Physiology, Computer Applications in Pharmacy etc.

Why B Pharmacy?

There are several interesting points that can be jotted down, as to why you should pursue B Pharmacy. Apart from the fact that B Pharmacy will help you in making a career as a Medical Representative, Scientific Writing, Medical Scripting, Clinical Research etc we will discuss in detail other reasons for pursuing this course.

  • Government Jobs: After successfully completing your degree in B Pharmacy you can get the opportunity to work for various Government organizations and hospitals.
  • Work with Patients: Apart from being a pharmacist you will have crucial roles in the health care system such as providing asthma care, cholesterol control checking, diabetes disease management, bone density scans etc.
  • Diverse Career Opportunity: The most obvious choice for pharmacists is working in retail pharmacy, either in a health care facility or community. The role involves giving over the counter and prescription medications along with counselling to the patients.
  • Stable yet Flexible Career: A bachelor’s degree in pharmacy will not only provide a stable employment throughout your career but also will give you the flexibility to choose and work according to your preferences.

Who Should Pursue B Pharmacy?

  • Students who want to make a career in the Pharmaceutical Industry should pursue B Pharmacy
  • Students who want to make career into clinical research and scientific writing should opt for B Pharmacy
  • Students who wants to join the healthcare industry and work at various hospitals, nursing homes etc can pursue B Pharmacy
  •  B Pharmacy can also be pursued by students who want to make a career in the pharmaceutical industry abroad, by studying courses in B Pharmacy Abroad.

B Pharmacy Admission Process

Candidates who are seeking B Pharmacy Admissions have to sit for various Entrance Exams that are conducted by various Universities. Some colleges like Annamalai University enroll students on the basis of Merit as well.

B Pharmacy Admission 2021

  • The registration for B Pharmacy Admission from Jamia Hamdard University can be done till July 25, 2021 and the last date for the application submission for BITS Pilani is on May 29, 2021.
  • Some of the common B Pharmacy Entrance Exams are UPSEE, BITSAT, GPAT, MET, WBJEE etc.
  • All colleges and Universities accept the score of any national and University conducted entrance exams
  • The application form fees ranges between INR 750 – 1,500

B Pharmacy Admission Last Date

Below mentioned table has the list of colleges with the last date for submission of the application forms

Name of the CollegesLast Date for Registration
Jamia Hamdard UniversityJuly 25, 2021
BITS PilaniMay 29, 2021
Manipal College of Pharmaceutical Sciences, ManipalMay 25, 2021
DIPSARNovember 2021
SPPSPTM, MumbaiJune 17, 2021
Amity UniversityMay 13, 2021 (Closed)
SRM College of PharmacyJune 2021 (Tentative)
Deccan School of PharmacyMay 18, 2021 (Closes Soon)

B Pharmacy Admission Fees

The admission fees for various colleges are tabulated below for your reference,

Name of the CollegesAverage Admission Fees (INR)
Jamia Hamdard University2,79,999
Institute of Chemical Technology85,350
Bombay College of Pharmacy41,340
Amity University1,80,000
JSS Academy of Technical Education1,32,350
NMIMS University2,41,500
Mumbai Educational Trust5,76,000

B Pharmacy Eligibility

The eligibility criteria for B Pharmacy courses are very simple and easy to follow. Below mentioned points discusses elaborately the eligibility criteria for B Pharmacy,

  • Students should have cleared Class 12 board exams with 50% aggregate marks from a recognised board
  • They must have studied Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics at their +2 level.

After fulfilling the eligibility criteria, students should thereafter sit for Entrance exams or can be selected on the basis of merit, depending on the colleges they are applying to. 


B Pharmacy Entrance Exams

B Pharmacy admissions are done on the basis of the score a student achieves in various entrance exams that are conducted by different colleges. The cut off scores generally vary from college to college.

Below mentioned table discusses the entrance exams and related dates along with it,

Entrance ExamApplication DatesExam Dates
PUCET3rd week of April, 20211st week of June, 2021
MHT-CET2nd week of May 2021June / July 2021 (Tentatively)
BITSATTill May 29, 2021June 24 – 30, 2021
KCETMarch 2021 (Closed)July 7 – 9, 2021
METApril 1 – May 25, 2021June 9 – 15, 2021
UPSEEApril 30, 2021 (Closed)May 18, 2021

B Pharmacy Entrance Exam Syllabus

B Pharmacy Entrance Exam Syllabus consists of portions from Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics and English. Below mentioned table gives us an elaborate idea of the subjects to prepare for while appearing for B Pharmacy entrance exam,


Units & MeasurementsRotational MotionWave
KineticsPower & EnergyHeat & Thermodynamics
Law of MotionGravitationElectrostatics
Impulse & MomentumMechanics of Solids & FluidsCurrent Electricity
Work & EnergyOscillationOptics


State of MatterTheoretical Principles of Experimental ChemistrySurface Chemistry
Atomic StructureStereochemistryBiological Industrial and Environmental Chemistry
Chemical bonding & Molecular StructureHydrogen & S Block ElementsChemical Dynamics


Genetics and EvolutionDiversity in Living WorldCell: The unit of life, structure & functions
Structure & Function of PlantsReproduction, Growth & Movement in PlantsEcology and Environment
Structure and Function of AnimalsReproduction and Development in HumansBiology and Human welfare


AlgebraDifferential CalculusStatistics
TrigonometryOrdinary Differential EquationsLinear Programming
Two dimensional coordinate GeometryVectorsMathematical Modelling


GrammarLogical Reasoning
Non-Verbal reasoningComposition
Verbal ReasoningComprehension

B Pharmacy Entrance Question Papers

As discussed, B Pharmacy Entrance Exams are conducted on the basis of 5 core subjects, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics and English. Students should be well aware of the types of questions that are asked during these entrance exams. The question pattern is generally MCQ based with no negative marking.

Below given is a basic idea on what kind of questions can be expected during a B Pharmacy Entrance Exam.

Displacement Current is caused due to?

  1. A time varying electric field
  2. A constant electric field
  3. Free Electrons flow
  4. All of the above 

The temperature above which a ferromagnetic material becomes paramagnetic is called,

  1. Critical Temperature
  2. Neutral Temperature
  3. Temperature of Inversion
  4. Curie Temperature

The unit of self inductance is

  1. Joule / Ampere
  2. Volt / Ampere
  3. Volt – Ampere / second
  4. Volt – Second / Ampere

In the technique of production of test tube babies 

  1. Fertilization is external and fetus formation is internal
  2. Fertilization is Internal and fetus formation is external
  3. Both fertilization and fetus formation is external
  4. Both fertilization and fetus formation is internal

The technique which used fluid around fetus to detect prenatal disorders called

  1. Endoscopy
  2. Amniocentesis
  3. Laparoscopy
  4. Natal Endoscopy 
UPSEE Practise PapersBITSAT Practise PapersWBJEE Practise Papers
IPU CET Practise PapersKCET Practise PapersPUCET Practise Papers
B Pharmacy Entrance Exam Books

Some of the most common books that can be referred for preparing for B Pharmacy entrance exams are mentioned below,

  • The Pearson Guide to GPAT and Other Entrance Examination in Pharmacy
  • GPAT Cracker
  • Compete Pharma
  • Synopsis for GPAT
  • Self Study Guide B. Pharma Entrance Exam 2021 English by Arihant
  • Self Study Guide B. Pharma Entrance Exam 2021 Hindi by Arihant
  • B Pharm (Bachelor of Pharmacy) Entrance Exam Guide
  • B. Pharm Entrance Exam Guide by RPH Editorial Board

B Pharmacy Syllabus

B Pharmacy Syllabus consists of subjects such as Remedial Biology, Pharmaceutics, Biochemistry, Human Anatomy and Physiology etc, Below mentioned table will give an elaborate idea on the subjects covered during each semester of a B Pharmacy course. 

Human Anatomy and Physiology I – TheoryHuman Anatomy and Physiology – Practical
Pharmaceutical Inorganic Chemistry – PracticalPharmaceutical Inorganic Chemistry I – Theory
Communication Skills – TheoryCommunication Skills – Practical
Remedial Biology/ Remedial Mathematics – TheoryRemedial Biology – Practical
Pharmaceutical Analysis I – PracticalPharmaceutical Analysis I – Theory
Pharmaceutics I – TheoryPharmaceutics I – Practical
Human Anatomy and Physiology II – TheoryHuman Anatomy and Physiology II – Practical
Biochemistry – TheoryBiochemistry – Practical
Computer Applications in Pharmacy – TheoryComputer Applications in Pharmacy – Practical
Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry I – TheoryPharmaceutical Organic Chemistry I – practical
Pathophysiology – TheoryEnvironmental Science – Theory
Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry II – TheoryPharmaceutical Organic Chemistry II – Practical
Pharmaceutical Microbiology – TheoryPharmaceutical Microbiology – Practical
Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry I – PracticalPhysical Pharmaceutics I – Practical
Physical Pharmaceutics I – TheoryPharmaceutical Engineering – Practical
Pharmaceutical Engineering – Theory——–
Physical Pharmaceutics II – TheoryPhysical Pharmaceutics II – Practical
Medicinal Chemistry I – TheoryMedicinal Chemistry I – Practical
Pharmacology I – TheoryPharmacology I – Practical
Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry I – TheoryPharmaceutical Organic Chemistry III – Theory
Pharmacognosy Phytochemistry II – TheoryPharmacognosy Phytochemistry II – Practical
Pharmacology II – TheoryPharmacology II – Practical
Industrial Pharmacy I – TheoryIndustrial Pharmacy I – Practical
Medical Chemistry II – TheoryPharmaceutical Jurisprudence – Theory
Herbal Drug Technology – Practical——-
Medical Chemistry III – TheoryMedical Chemistry III – Practical
Pharmacology III – TheoryPharmacology III – Practical
Herbal Drug Technology – TheoryBiopharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics – Theory
Pharmaceutical Biotechnology – TheoryQuality Assurance – Theory
Pharmaceutical Analysis III – TheoryPharmaceutical Analysis III – Practical
Pharmacokinetics and Biopharmaceutics IPharmacognosy IV
Pharmacology IV – TheoryPharmacology IV – Practical
Pharmaceutical Technology IV – TheoryPharmaceutical Technology IV – Practical
Medical Chemistry IV – TheoryMedical Chemistry IV – Practical
Pharmacokinetics and Biopharmaceutics IIBiopharmaceutics
PharmacognosyClinical Pharmacy – Theory
PharmacokineticsClinical Pharmacy – Practical

B Pharmacy Colleges in India

India is home to around 1,400 B Pharmacy colleges which are further bifurcated into Government Colleges and Private Colleges. Majority of the B Pharmacy colleges are spread across all metropolitan cities, though small towns are also not lagging behind in the race.

Some of the top and most sought after B Pharmacy colleges in India are tabulated below in order of their geographical locations,


Name of the CollegesAverage Fees (INR)
Jamia Hamdard University2,79,999
Amity University1,80,000
Aditya College of Pharmacy and Science80,000


Name of the CollegesAverage Fees (INR)
Government College of Pharmacy14,030
MS Ramaiah University of Applied Science1,76,750
Vivekananda College of Pharmacy1,00,000
The Oxford College of Pharmacy50,000
Karnataka College of Pharmacy1,40,000


Name of the CollegesAverage Fees (INR)
Sultan Ul Uloom College of Pharmacy1,10,000
Deccan School of Pharmacy54,000
G Pulla Reddy College of Pharmacy80,000
Mesco College of Pharmacy35,000
KL University3,20,000


Name of the CollegesAverage Fees (INR)
Poona College of Pharmacy1,02,000
Sinhgad Institute of Pharmacy1,25,000
Dr. DY Patil College of Pharmacy1,40,000
Modern College of Pharmacy1,03,000
MIT World Peace University1,95,000

B Pharmacy Jobs

As already discussed, after the successful completion of B Pharmacy course, one can opt from a wide range of choices to pursue their career into. B Pharmacy degrees also give the opportunity to work for both Government and Private sector organizations. The average salary post the completion of this course ranges from INR 4 – 6 LPA.


Top Recruiters

After completion of B Pharmacy courses one can choose to study further, like M Pharmacy, PharmD and others. However, the majority of the students prefer joining the bandwagon once they complete their degree.

Graduating from a top Pharmacy college guarantees top placements with an opportunity to settle abroad. Some of the top recruiters in the field of Pharmacy are tabulated below for your reference, 

Top RecruitersAverage Salary (INR)
Sun Pharmaceuticals Industries Limited7 LPA
Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories Limited6 – 8 LPA
Wockhardt Pharmaceuticals Limited4 LPA
Biocon Ltd2.5 – 4 LPA
Divis Laboratories Ltd3 LPA
Cipla Ltd2.5 – 7 LPA

Top Job Profiles

B Pharmacy, as discussed, does not restrict itself to working in the healthcare industry or joining the pharma industry. B Pharmacy credits to itself a wide variety of choices for its learners. 

Some of the top job profiles along with their description after completing B Pharmacy has been tabulated below for your reference, 

Job ProfilesJob Description
Medical WriterThe main responsibility of a medical writer is to work with doctors and maintain a record of all the medical results, product use and medical information
Clinical ResearcherA Clinical researcher collects and analyses data that is gained after a long period of testing and researching
Drug InspectorA Drug Inspector majorly oversees the quality of a drug and is also responsible for issueuingh licenses to other pharmacists. 
Medical RepresentativeThey are responsible for selling various medicines for the company they are working for. Their job is target oriented.
Pharmacy BusinessMain job role will be to distribute and dispense medicines in either retail or whole, regionally or across India after going through all the ethical and legal guidelines by the monitoring bodies, while ensuring that safe and correct medicines are supplied to the public.

Salary in India

The salaries received post the completion of the course generally vary from college to college. However top colleges and their placements guarantee lucrative salary packages along with a steady career in the field of Pharmaceutical Sciences. 

The salaries for various B Pharmacy job profiles are discussed below,

Job ProfilesAverage Salary (INR)
Medical Writer4 – 6 LPA
Clinical Researcher5 LPA
Drug Inspector8 – 14 LPA
Medical Representative3 – 6 LPA
Pharmacy Business7 – 10 LPA

Thus, we can conclude by saying that B Pharmacy is an interesting field of study that deals with the nuances of the Pharma Industry. It gives students and job seekers the perfect knowledge of the field of study and what they can expect when they run into the long world of pharmaceutical business.

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