Distance Diploma In Financial Management

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Diploma in Financial management is a 1-year program for the aspirants who want to make their career in financial management. It’s a course that enables you to pursue the course while working in a company or doing a job. Diploma courses are especially designed on the purpose that one can do the course in a less time and can get the knowledge of it. It’s a favorable course for the working professionals that are already doing a job and want to upgrade their knowledge and career.

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Diploma in financial management enables you to get the complete knowledge of finance related topics in a less time in comparison to masters or bachelors courses. It works on areas such as financial management, conceptual and quantitative areas of financial management course. The subjects includes in the program of diploma in financial management are as follows:-

       1. Management Theory & Practice

       2. Organisational Behaviour

       3. Marketing Management 

       4. Business Economics

       5. Financial Accounting & Analysis

       6. Information Systems for Managers

       7. Corporate Finance

       8. Taxation – Direct and Indirect

       9. Cost & Management Accounting

       10. Financial Institutions and Market

       11. Tax Insurance and Retirement Planning

       12. Business Law




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PG in finance is a postgraduate diploma in finance, a certified diploma course of 1-year that inculcates the knowledge of finance and accounting skills.

The requirements for the diploma in financial management program is that one needs to have done its bachelors degree in finance, accounting, economics and business administration as a subject.

The subjects includes the program diploma in financial management are as follows:-
●  Marketing Management
●  Business Economics
●  Financial Accounting & Analysis
●  Information Systems for Managers
●  Corporate Finance

Yes, Diploma in financial management is a program in demand as it deals with finance and accounting a complete package for the work on economy so it has great demand in the industry.

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